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Containerjoo team (CJ)  we are urea supplier in Iran,

Containerjoo, is the best suppliers in Iran.Urea  N 46 is an inexpensive fertilizer containing Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium ratio of 46-0-0. Urea N46 is white Crystalline organic compound containing carbon. This has the melting point of 132 deg F. Synthetic urea is made using anhydrous ammonia. Urea N46 is the fastest growing dry nitrogen fertilizer in the world and holds 65% share in international market compared to other dry fertilizers.

What is Urea?

N46% Urea fertilizer Urea is mainly used as a neutral fertilizer, no effect on soil, suitable for all kinds of soil and plants, is a high-quality and efficient nitrogen fertilizer

Urea is highly soluble in water and is therefore also very suitable for use in fertilizer solutions. Urea N46 is usually in granular form or  solid globules known as pills. It is highly soluble and should be kept free from moisture. It is used by farmers for growing crops which are heavy Nitrogen feeders like Corn, blueberries etc..or for plants which grow in acidic soil. The standard crop-nutrient rating (NPK rating) of urea is 46-0-0. Urea can be used to make urea nitrate, a high explosive that is used industrially and as part of some improvised explosive devices.

Top manufacturers of Urea N46 are Russia, Ukraine, CIS, Asia & Middle East. We can supply Urea N46 fertilizer at most competitive rates direct from traders or distributors of large producers. Containerjoo provides best quality products and maximum customer satisfaction.


Urea N 46 supplier in Iran

Coontainerjoo  Urea N 46 supplier in Iran. We can offer Urea N 46% Granular & Prill  from /CIS/Asian/ Middle East origin at very competitive rates for of 5000 MT and the Maximum order quantity of 50000 MT per month. Containerjoo exports Urea N 46 all over the World. We focus on businesses across various countries. CJ(Containerjoo)  Urea N 46 ensure prompt supply of  good quality fertilizers. Use CJ products for best quality products.

we can Supply Urea with High tonnage and we can supply Urea from Iran ,Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan with Affordable Prices ,ask from us best quality and best Urea price in iran ,with more than 16 years experience in this field ...


packing: in plastic woven bag  50 ± 0.2kg. or (1ton bag) or ( bulk)
Supply Ability: 50000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

Orgin: Iran/Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan/Ukraine/Russia...
Delivery Time:35 days

Delivery: FOB/CIF/CFR
Loading after acceptance of buyer financial instrument.

Other, L/C, T/T

Russian Urea Procedure

Buyer accepts seller’s procedure and issue ICPO+BCL with the following: banking details, company profile, acceptance letter to adhere to seller’s procedure and buyer’s passport.

 Other Ureas Procedures

A formal letter of intent on the buyer ، ¦s letterhead, addressed to Containerjoo.,ltd, signed and sealed by the buyer with full banking financially capable is required to obtain a contract.
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