Truck transportation

Covered Truck: Around 25 trucks for carrying palletized and break bulk cargoes, to/from CIS, Afghanistan, Caucasian countries, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, Europe, etc. Jumbo Trucks: For Break Bulk and loose cargoes, there are trucks of 100 to 105 m2 capacity called Jumbo trucks. Jumbo trucks are designed to carry the maximum weight of 25 MT and are suitable for break bulk and loose cargos...

Air transportation

Our group is ready to export or re-export goods from Iran to other countries. We have branches in different cities, borders and ports of Iran; thus we can provide our customers with full range of services. We offer export services in all airports with Customs Brokerage card from Iran Customs Organization and Business card which is necessary for this purpose.

Rail transportation

Paying rail freights and offering rail transport services through whole railway network of Iran, CIS (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan), Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Russia and also eastern and western European railway network.