Rail way(Iran Rail Wagon Transport)

As iran is in transit route to CIS countries , so that rail transportation is one of the most suitable ways ,one of the Rail way profits is that it is possible to load a huge volume of the cargo in one lot with a less cost , our experts can book wagon and get the cis station codes because they are able to speak russian language and have agent in CIS countries , so  pleas do not hesitate if you need deliver your import , export or transit cargo to/from iran (sarakhs ,Bandar abbas ) direct to/from CIS destination station we also Counsel in Rail transportation 

 Regarding to importing considerable volume of goods and raw materials by rail to Iran, our group is completely ready to offer best service for importing goods by rail.

Main imported goods by rail to Iran are as follow:

  • Iron, steel foil and iron rod
  • Aluminum sheet, brass, copper, other metals and alloys
  • Raw chemical materials (polypropylene, granules and … )
  • Cotton and its fiber
  • Industrial machineries
  • Foodstuffs like rice, wheat, barley, corn and corn meal
  • Sulphur and similar products


Origins of importing goods by rail:

  • CIS (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan), Russia & Ukraine via Sarakhs border
  • Turkey via Razi border and other European countries which have common railway with Turkey
  • Pakistan via Mirjave border
  • Azerbaijan border, Astana,  (Multimodal: Rail+Truck)


Our services:

  • Doing custom formalities at entrance customs house
  • Getting transportation permission from Railway Organization of Islamic republic of Iran
  • Getting transportation permission from Iran Customs House
  • Wagon tracing formalities
  • Rail freight services
  • Goods import
  • Goods unloading
  • Unloading and delivery up to warehouse; free warehousing for first 30 days
  • Unloading in warehouse, stacking and stuffing of the goods
  • Stuffing goods into containers from warehouse
  • Goods distribution or Delivery at final destination

Rail transit routes:

  • From/to CIS to Bandar Abbas – From Bandar Abbas to all points in the world by containers and vessels
  • From/to CIS to Amir Abad port, Caspian Sea by vessel or to B. Abbas and from there to other ports & borders in Iran and then to the other countries by rail
  • From Turkey to Europe or vice versa
  • From Turkey to CIS and Afghanistan
  • From/to Pakistan via Iran to CIS, Turkey or other countries

Rail Insurance:

Rail cargoes need to be insured from origin up to destination. This insurance (which includes clause A, B and C) is usually done by the owner of the goods. Otherwise, by considering the value of the cargo and other details, we can insure the cargo.

For any inquiries be in touch with : Info@containerjoo.ir