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The Silk Road

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With Afghanistan government effort relate to complete Tajikistan railway, ABRISHAM( Silk Road) road will built. 

The urban minister of IRAN at the meeting with urban minister of AFGHANISTAN said.

Abbas AKHONDI during a meeting with Transport Minister of AFGHANISTAN Syed SAADAT MANSOUR NADERI said: rail transport

 KHAF – Herat

 rail transport in the new phase will be operational in Iran and Iranian railway to Afghanistan connected. However, it continued and efficient operation need to connect the line to Tajikistan lines, Kyrgyzstan and China, so that the rail axis of south Iran ABRISHAM Road to China to be completed.

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 China Sailed The biggest Vessel of the world:

China Sailed The biggest Vessel of the world:  

Equal 4*Soccer field size + 1312feet in Width and 100 feet in Depth and can contain 19000 TEU